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Darshan of the Goddess in the era of destruction

My name is Cornelius Leighton Urzian and I am the founder and manager of this blog, devoted to the works of porn collage that a friend of mine began to create and I am now trying to continue. I will present here some of the writings of my friend about the collages and the form he began to produce them.
My friend told me about these collages some years ago. When he showed me some of them, I was enthusiastic and, as a programmer, I rapidly got the idea of showing them in the web. He did not agree. It was only a few days before his death in 2014 that he recognized that my idea was a good one. We then chose the name “Justin Abramson” to be used for the author of these collages.
After the passing of my friend, I signed all his collages with the inscription “Justin Abramson composuit”, and in July 2015 I began to carry out his last will by sending them to erotic forums in the web.
Unfinished collages posed a problem and, following his will, I decided to try to finish them. He always encouraged me to work in the collages and expressed the opinion that I was highly qualified to continue his work.
The fact is I was satisfied with my own work and finally began to produce my own collages. This possibility had been anticipated by my friend and following his last will also in this, I signed my collages with the name of Justin Abramson.
My friend was a yoga teacher and he had a great experience in Eastern meditation and relaxing techniques. His writings use many words from these worlds. He was also a convinced individualist anarchist.
Original pictures used in the collages were obtained by him and by me from scanning of paper documents, from captures from movies or were freely discharged from the web. Images were then digitally treated and composed.
Texts that follow are excerpts from my friend’s diary that inform us about the general trends of his thought. Note that they are the reflexive counterpart of the world shown in the collages. Prose and poetry insist in some obsessive and revolutionary ideas.


Women are there. How early you understand that they have the secret of happiness! But which is the way? Possession, perhaps. But what is possession? How will you reach and fulfil “possession”?
The world is also there. It has its rules: property, family…
Joining the two cables, it is a short circuit. Terrible! Look at the world around.
Possession is a myth.
Look at inside yourself.


Bodies damned to destruction. This are we all. Nothing more. And life will go on…
Or perhaps we are only matter, not bodies. Forget the damned body…
“But without body I will not think.” This is the great mistake.
Thinking is the restful basis of all things.
What we call “thinking” is only noise.
Just feel the silence.
But sometimes the body constructs something great. Breathing annihilates.
She is the Goddess. She inspires us and life finds its significance.
Look for the Goddess. She lives here. Powerful and ubiquitous.
Sadhana is the way that drives to the perfect utmost silence.
Contradiction is resolved and we watch the plenitude.
Darshan is the miracle of contemplation,
that drives out of the time.
Mortals are looking for the marks of the perfect one
from the beginning of time.


Women are there. Absolute perfection lies in their body.  How many of them! Look at their dance in the face of the world.
What will make a man happy?
They taught you to think of one above all, the perfect one that will make you happy. Is that truth? How easy to discover that looking only at one you are missing something important. How simple to understand that they are only dictating you the rules of property, familiar order, an uncomfortable dress for your inner voice.
Simply rest in silence and think about this silly world, a nightmare of possession and violence.
Heading for light, you must clean first of all the rubbish inside you, you have to remove the dregs that centuries of destruction have sedimented in your soul.
You are one with an absolute that dreams the world from your body.
You are eternal energy-matter manifesting in a simple form. The Goddess gives you the last glimpse of light to understand.
Contemplate them! The perfection of the Goddess lies in a continuous change of forms.


You know a girl. You like her. She is so lovely! This is a fortunate moment, but you must notice that, based on this, this insane world has a plan for you, a terrible plan terminating sexual relations with any other woman.
Why this? Has it any logic? Yes. It is the logic of property, the logic of capitalism.
How will we enjoy sex in a world like this?
We can dream of a world where free men and women mutually explore there bodies and souls in a perpetual and delightful game. That should be paradise.


Women are there. They have the secret of happiness. But which is the way. You look for an image that expresses the ineffable beatitude and reveals the marks of the perfect one.
Photography was the first step. Static and ecstatic dissection of the world. That is fine.
Cinema was the second step. Movement! It is a technological development, but there is a tramp there. Movement annihilates the ecstatic plenitude of the instant in a nonsense of destruction.
We must look for something that multiplies the static perfection of the Goddess without the perpetual loss of a movement continuously destroying it.
Multiply Her images in one image!
This is porn collage.
I think that the concept of critical mass of the atomic explosions gives a good approach to what happens here. She is a wonderful woman, a real Goddess and images of her show this, but at the same time, they are unsatisfactory since they do not show all her grace. Collages ensemble different perspectives (several moments) in the manifestation of the Goddess, and finally we have in a single glimpse a perception of something subtle that goes beyond time. The critical mass is exceeded and we reach the sensation of a perfect vision (Darshan) of the Goddess. This body of mine is Kaputt, but in the world without it I can see many men contemplating the Goddess through his eyes.


In the beginning the great discovery is the magic of woman body. And in this silly world, where woman body is the object of so many rituals that are stupid and tragic at the same time, you quickly find that a splendid approach for contemplation of this magic object is that provided by porn.
In the old times there were magazines. They were fine. But many times contemplation using them drove to deception. There is something special that you want to see in the body of a woman, and this is not always shown to you. There was a combination of ecstasy and deception there.
Videos came later. They showed good images like diamonds in a sea of rubbish. Moreover, as it happens with magazines, usually there is something special that you want to see from a specific woman, and not always you find it. Ecstasy and deception again.
DVD was a technological development. You can jump the rubbish. But movement breaks the ecstatic plenitude of perfect contemplation. The silly story shown makes you slave to an alien will. Ecstasy and deception again.
When computer programs for image processing were available, I began to play with them. It was natural for me to put together the sublime images I found and enjoy the simultaneous contemplation of the multiple faces of the Perfect. Porn collages were the logic answer to my will to see. They fulfilled my strong need for perfect and peaceful contemplation.
When high resolution TV screens were available, I felt I had arrived to the end of a long way. Now the images could be composed for easy and comfortable visualization.


You can say also 16/9 or (4/3)2. This is the magic number to which the height/width proportion of the collages invariably tend. Why? There is not a cabalistic reason. It is much more simple. This is the size of most TV screens. This size tries to maximize the percentage of TV screen used by the collage.


Two cracks in line, wide open from groin to coccyx.
Ten fingers offering four superb holes.
Contemplate the details of the revealed Goddess
that annihilate breath and decipher the life.
Look for them in the dawn of the day that explodes,
in the rosebud morning, in the burning midday,
in the afternoon drowsy, in the evening naughty  
and in hours so quiet of the mysterious night.
Look for them anywhere, look for them anytime,
until you stunned find that beyond any doubt
they have a solid throne in the deep of your heart.
If you worship their power, the will give you the key.


You ask her and she tells you about her intimate feelings. It has been long to learn that in general she will use her speech only as a means to an unknown end. Only stories will you get from her. And one day I said: “Well, I like stories, but from now I will enjoy my own stories. They are much more nice.”
When I contemplate the Goddess, stories flow like a mighty river. The possible and the impossible intertwine in them, but all has the solid strength of the deepest pleasure. This is the moment when a new world is clearly depicted. Marvellous task for the future. Dreams of revolution.
Look for that world where ego vanishes and only ecstatic beatitude exists.


Betty is so nice. Many times you are sure that you love her. The mighty brunette. Eyes like paradise. Perfect mouth. Divine smile offering the power of life.
April is so nice. Many times you are sure that you love her. The spicy redhead. Dreaming black eyes with a glance of desire.
How long could you follow. There are so many of them...
But how much do you know about any of them? Only dreams you have about most of their bodies. Is it reasonable all this dreaming?
No, it is simply perverse. There is a plan for you. You should love one of them. You should create a family with one of them. That would be the end of the dream.
I tell you. You live in a silly world of dreamed perfection. It is crazy. Look for the real perfection of the real world. It is there for you.
It is there in the bodies of all women who make the praise and adoration of the Goddess. Contemplate and live the perfection in them. That is happiness.


You have contacted the Goddess and you have made a pornographic movie. It is OK. Now you come and sell your movie. You want me to watch it. I have something to tell you. You have something I like very much: you have images of the Goddess. But you have also something I do not like at all: you have a silly story. Give me the images and I will make my own story. That will be perfect for me. This is why I create porn collages.


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